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Bhavin Patel

Bhavin can be contacted via email at: bhavin[at]baysideadvisors[dot]in or on LinkedIn here. Bhavin also acts as a consultant with Bayside Tech, a team of lawyers and technologists with rich professional experience across industry verticals. Bayside Tech provides custom automation solutions designed to make legal processes faster, better, and safer, as well as consulting services in legal tech, with a proven track record of helping companies introduce new technologies and adopt company-wide systems. Bhavin is also associated with the national law firm Aureus Law Partners, by way of a non-retainer arrangement. He is also part of a group of like-minded individuals called HumLab, an initiative aimed at helping find, develop, and scale transformative ideas in the legal industry, law, and justice.


Hemant Krishna V.

Hemant can be contacted via email at: hemant[at]baysideadvisors[dot]in or on LinkedIn here.


This blog is intended to act as an informative and educative source for entrepreneurs and professionals interested in the legal aspects of data privacy, KYC, AML, CFT, and associated areas. It is not intended to solicit a lawyer-client relationship, nor is it intended to act as an advertisement for our services. If you have a concern or query relating to any matter discussed in this blog, we advise that you seek independent professional legal advice in the specific context of the facts and circumstances relating to your query.